Food Heritage Videos

Watch a video telling a food heritage story here!

Culture of Clabber: Raw Milk Fermented Custard

Nelson Farm Memories: Then + Now, with Margaret Henderson, Nelson County

Story of the Ginger Gold, with Ginger Harvey, Nelson County

Gardens, Quinces and Nelson County, with Elizabeth Ferguson

Connections to the Land, with Doris McCray, Louisa County

Ice Houses: Remembering a time Without Refrigerators, with Aretha Marshall, Louisa County

Central Virginia Wine Heritage, with Aretha Marshall

Milk Preservation Techniques, with Ethyle Giuseppie and Nathan Vergin

Farming as Identity, with Sandra Sullivan, Greene County

Shelling Butter Beans with Mary Beth May, Fluvanna County

From Farm to Table, with Janet Williams, Fluvanna County

We Fed Each Other, with Mozell Booker, Fluvanna County, Virginia

Food: A Life’s Work, with Dorothy Burton, Charlottesville

Childhood Memory of the Great Depression, with Maggie S. Smith, Charlottesville

Fish Roe: Finding a Way Back to Our Plates, with Alexander Gilliam, Charlottesville

Heritage Mills, Interview with Don T. Payne, Albemarle County

Memories from “A Good Life,” with Ida Knight

Food Heritage as a Way to Share Passion, with Fred Wiliamson, Albemarle County


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